Introducing Steven Gardner, BSc Computer Science, Coach and Trainer.

Steven has been teaching others for over 20 years. From Graphic Design and Internet Technologies for College students, years 11,12,13 to SEO – Search Engine Optimization Classes for Business Owners. Internet marketing for Artists and specialist industries like Motels. Steve has a great way of turning tech speak into easy to understand language. Let him make a difference to your business.

Check out the Classes we are running currently or contact us for your own specialized training.  Below are free training videos, enjoy.

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No Need for Content Panic

In your business there will be relevant times of the year/month/week/day  that your content needs to be updated.  

We can help with this either showing you how to update your own content or by you sending us the content and we do the web work.

Deepweb has a support options available with discounted blocks of hours. The more you get the cheeper the hourly rate.

Keyword Tags Are History

Don’t let anyone else tell you any different! We know our stuff!!

Deepweb offers an initial Search Engine Optimization with every new Website.  Further SEO can be done in a 6 month support package. SEO advantages do not happen over night but instead they build and grow on each other. 

As every new Google algorithm gets released there is work to be done to ensure you continue to have a competitive advantage allowing your best advertising to continue.

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Google Crawls Your Website

Planning ahead is always good and having your website updated before your launch or time critical event is important.

Product launches, Opening new Shops, Christmas hours, Seasonal Price changes, Restaurant menus, Fundraising Events, even School Year Calendars.

We can help you with that!  Our support contracts are simple, the more hours you get, the more bang for your buck you will get.