Database Development

Database Development

SAVE Yourself Time and Money!

So you have questions. Does you website need a Database added to it?  Do you have an idea how something could work better? We can create you vision into a Database that works magic for you.

Turn that mountain of paper into a streamlined online miracle where all the customer needs to do is sign and even that is online too!

Databases are making a mark in the web world.

From news sites like Stuff and auction sites like Trademe, a large number of websites you visit will be driven in some way by a database.


  •  Creating your vision – whatever you have in mind including Bleeding edge ideas
  •  Plain conversations without the tech-speak
  •  Reviewing your process thoroughly
  •  Keeping you in the loop so you know where we are at
  •  No scope creep / No Price creep
  •  40% Up front plus Progress payments
  •  Implementation
  •  Post Implementation Support as agreed
  •  Onsite implementation – if required


Anything you can image

  •  Paperless Office
  •  Interactive Functions
  •  Real-estate Listings
  •  Auctions, Classifieds
  •  Subscription Based Sites
  •  Voting, Reviews, Guestbooks
  •  Blogs, Forums, Chatrooms 
  •  Revolutionary, Pioneering and Trailblazing Projects

Database Development Clients