About SAJE
Web Gardners

We bring to the table.

Steven Gardner

Director and Web Master – BSc Computer Science

Steven is able to speak plain English and not bamboozle clients with Techspeak. He is a talented Internet Guru using Web Development, coding and design skills. 

After starting out building sites in HTML, he moved into the world of Content Management Systems (CMS’s) and after working with Joomla and Silverstripe, settled on WordPress as the platform of choice.

He is an excellent Project Manager and a keen Analyst which gives him a special talent for search engine optimization and Google Analytics and Google Adwords.

In addition to his work with clients for  SAJE WebGardners, Steven also runs seminars and workshops. Steven runs courses including Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization for businesses.

Joanne Gardner

Director of Creative Awesome – BBS Accounting Studies, BA Applied Arts and Microsoft Certified Professional.

Joanne’s main tasks include website design and content support. She turns her artistic side to photography and content development to get a new website up and running.

Joanne will probably be the first person of our team that you will meet as she likes to get out there and talk to people.  

With her previous roles in running a helpdesk plus working as a Buiness Analyst, Jo has a great idea of what clients (and client’s customers) want from their web presence.

Having worked for years in the computer industry she is well able to work between experts, business owners and sales teams.

Building Ethical Websites

Ethos For Operation

Genuine Interest

One of the things that make SAJE different from other Website Build Companies is our genuine INTEREST in our customers businesses. Each one of you is important to us. We have learnt so much about so many different industries having touched more than a thousand websites in our 20+ years of internet involvement, mostly in New Zealand but what happens on the World stage affects us all.

Customer Support

We believe that from the hardships we had when we first started creating our own website came an inherent need to look after our customers.  We charge only for the work that we do and the software we use. We provide comprehensive SUPPORT and will even help fix 3rd party issues – if we can.  We however don’t own those 3rd party issues and are therefore not liable for them but we will still do our best.

Listening To You

New Zealand is a small place compared to most countries but we have a thriving and growing online presence.  SAJE – WebGardners have only ever turned down 3 clients and both were looking to aggressively compete against an existing client.  Having said that, we have many clients in the same industries, looking at the same customer pool for their operations but what is clear is that each business owner has a different perspective of how they see themselves in their market and how they create their own points of difference.  So we LISTEN to the customer and create a website that uniquely represents who they are in the business which in turn stands their business out from the crowd because there is no crowd it is them doing their best 20+ years on.

Flexing with the Internet

We have had 3 name changes over the 20+ years but our service has always remained the same.  Deepweb was changed it became a bad thing but we weren’t a bad thing so we moved on to BRAVEweb which we researched and found no New Zealand internet presence, interestingly there was one but we had no idea. We traded for a number of years before we were challenged about the name. You know what – we didn’t put up a fight even though we loved the name – we moved on, and back to our roots SAJE is our initials WebGardner is our talent. Sometimes it is worth being challenged to create a better result than imagined.  THANK YOU to our loyal clients

We do our level best to stay in front of the ever changing internet and are always looking at SECURITY and VISIBILITY.


Moving all websites to HTTPS is a priority and we have been working on this for many months now. Keeping the version of your website software up to date is one of the best ways to avoid hackers. It may seem like we are doing nothing but we update your WordPress and Plugin versions as often as we can. To do these things we have a built in cost in our hosting to try and keep from passing to much cost back to the client. It’s a couple of hours that we use during the year which could save our clients many days of frustration for being blacklisted because of hacking and spam attacks. There are of course other ways to invite hackers and spammers, always beware of strange emails, we teach our kids about stranger danger but sometimes as adults we forget about ourselves and our businesses, we are still vulnerable. When the attack comes from a friend whos email has been hijacked it can catch you off guard but being mindful about what you open is your best defence.


We make the content at the backend of your website work as hard for you as the content that everyone can see. To that end, a pretty website is not much use if nobody can find it. Every website we build gets basic SEO – Search Engine Optimisation, this means you are launched into Internet land with a fighting chance. We don’t leave it up to a program to choose what is good for your business but instead take the time to look at your content, your intention and your customer to give you the best start in your advertising journey. We run SEO Workshops where the tools, tips and tricks are set into motion on your own websites. This is run in small groups of 6 to give everyone a chance to get the best out of the content. We run these courses at a small fee as we would rather all our businesses know this information than not.

FLEXIBILITY and OWNERSHIP of your website is important to us.

We don’t covet your website, we offer full access to your website so you can do with it what you wish. We even train you to create pages and add content. In fact we will coach you along your website building journey if you wish. On the flip side, if you don’t want anything much to do with managing your website we can do that for you and have tailored blocks of hours that are discounted based on quantity of hours, bearing in mind that we only charge you for the work we have done and the hours don’t expire.

Customer Facing

SAJE is all about being customer facing, open, flexible, all rounders. Transparency in our work for you is very important. We don’t share your business ideas about your website with others. We treat people like we would want to be treated ourselves. We don’t shelter you from the ever changing environment but we let you know how you can go forward and make a difference to your business. The Internet is a very fluid changing place to which we try to bring a little sanity check.