Do I have to keeping changing my website content to maintain web rankings


In this video we talk about the frequency of updates to your site.


So something we often get asked is: how often do I need to update my content for the website.

People have been told that they need to update their content on a regular basis to keep the rankings up in the search rankings and what we have found is that it’s really dependent on your website.

If you’ve got a website that’s something like the New Zealand Herald, it’s a daily news site Google is going to expect that it’s going to have content coming through every day, but if you’re the Encyclopedia Britannica it’s completely the opposite, it’s a historical record and so you’re not expecting that content to change all that often.

So if you are an accommodation provider you might only need to update your content every 6 months, maybe every 3 months when you’ve got something good to put on there.

Maybe you’ve done some new decor or you’ve changed some of the duvet covers then you can get in there take some photos update the content and maybe write a blog post telling people what you’ve done.

And if you use the changes in your normal business as a catalyst for what you doing on the website then it means that you can have regular content even if it’s not daily or weekly but regular enough that means that the search engines are going to keep up with you.



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