The importance of the .NZ domain

These ones are really important

You may have seen lately some mentions of new domain names for New Zealand.

These are domain names that do not have the .co at the end of them. For example, Deepweb’s domain name would be http://deepweb.nz

As from the beginning of this month, anyone can register these domains.

Normally I would not recommend getting additional domain names unless you were selling into a specific country or were looking to protect your brand.

However in this case I believe that these new domain names are worth getting because:

  • You don’t want someone else getting a very similar domain name to you
  • These domains are likely to become the default once they become more widespread

They cost the same as standard domains ($39.95+gst)

For a while at least, it will be a good idea to keep your existing domain name registered even if you get the new .nz address.

If you have any questions get in contact and we can help you out.


Windows 10 – For better or worse?

Microsoft is soon to release Windows 10, the follow up to the polarising Windows 8.

Windows 8 was a bold attempt to redefine the computing experience, taking parts from mobile and tablet use and incorporating it into the desktop experience.

On the whole it wasn’t the disaster many expected, but this had a lot to do with the 8.1 update that “fixed” a number of things including backtracking on some user experience issues that appeared to be a bridge too far for many users having problems moving to the new layout and design.

Overall I quite liked it, but tellingly, I decided to stay with Windows 7 when I upgraded my PC. Windows 7 worked, it worked well and I didn’t have to learn too many things when I moved from XP.

Windows 10 is supposed to combine the best of both user experiences. It is also supposed to unify the experience across many devices, from phones and tablets to laptops and desktops.


The Start menu is back, which was the bugbear of so many people, but the tiles remain and so becomes a fusion of both user experiences.

The date for release is around June 2015, users of Windows 7 and up (excluding enterprise editions and some others) will get a free upgrade for the first year. That definitely sounds like a future subscription model, so we could be in for paying monthly or yearly for our operating system.

Plenty of people will jump on the free upgrade, but I am concerned about the potentially higher cost of the subscription.

For a more in depth look at Windows 10, have a look at this CNET hands on