Shopify and Payment Express

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shopify-logoI have been doing some work for a client in Shopify. First time I have worked with it and so far it’s not too bad.

However, some things have had me scratching my head.

One in particular was trying to test the payment gateway to DPS’s Payment Express. (PxPay)

After choosing the right one (There is PaymentExpress and Payment Express???) I kept receiving the error message:

“error – failed to get token – message was MerchantReference too long”

The problem lay in this instance with the Shop name.

dps_logoThe client had a shop name that was 42 characters long, I reduced it to just 15 characters and this worked.

Given the Reference limit is 64, there is obviously other information added to the end of it, what this is I am not sure yet it may appear on the clients statement, but may include product name or a unique code.

Unfortunately, DPS did not write the code and so they are not able to provide any help with any issues connecting to their product via Shopify. I haven’t tried the Shopify support, but I am not sure if anyone in their employ wrote the code either.

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