Law 2 Web

Law 2 Web is a industry specific web consultancy firm and in partnership with Deepweb provides Lawyers with expertise around Websites and other internet specific areas.

The site was created to showcase these areas of expertise and to provide information to the industry on things web related that can impact on them



We put together a website for Air New Zealand’s staff health scheme to provide a place where people can get information and also supply information via online forms to manage their membership.

The custom online forms are integrated into the WordPress site and allow for submission of supporting documents with the form content.


Kerikeri Teas

Kerikeri Teas website was converted from a static site to WordPress so that the client could update the content.

We then added WooCommerce, a e-commerce plugin for WordPress to add a shopping cart facility. Using Paypal to take payments, they are now taking online orders.

The WooCommerce plugin allows for product variations (in this case, sizes and flavours) to give flexibility to the shopping carts inventory




Forestwalks is a WordPress site that has had a recent update to it’s design.

Working with a local graphic design firm, we implemented their design and added the appropriate functionality to deliver on the design firms template.

A long term use of the blog, has meant that there are plenty of pages of content for visitors to consume.

We have worked with the owners to encourage social media use and they regularly use Twitter and Facebook to drive visitors to their site.


So Much To Look Forward To

2013-tech-trendsWell it is now the new year, resolutions have come and (for many) gone.

Following on the from an interesting end of the year, this one carries much promise.

New contacts, new partnerships and a bunch of amazing clients mean it will be a most interesting year.

Taking a wider view, upcoming and recent events including Mr .Com’s new initiative to seemingly circumvent copyright and, from the coverage of CES this year, the convergence of many of the areas of tech.

Further through they year, we will get our obligatory iWhatever release, of which we are certain the features that could have been released this year (but held back) will make an appearance.

Will they be thinner, will they be lighter? Probably.

Who will die first? RIM when Blackberry10 fails or Nokia, when Windows 8 doesn’t bring them the sales they need.

Will Apple buy their way into mapping that won’t get you lost?

Will WindowsRT disappear as soon as the Pro (read: actually ready) version ships?

So many questions, so much meh!

I want to be wowed by something that stands out, makes everyone sit back. Everything so far seems to be all about minor upgrades to suck the last of our upgrade dollars from us.

Who do you think will provide the spark? Apple? Google? Amazon?