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Sorry, it’s another phishing attempt, this time pretending to be from the NZ IRD (Inland Revenue Department)

Here is the email


Subject Due to our latest update you are eligible for a refund

Dear Sir/Madam,

You are receiving this e-mail with reference to our latest database update on February 5, 2012.

Due to our most up-to-date calculations, Inland Revenue updated his database system to a more accurate structure. As a result, you are eligible to get a refund of 184,56 $NZD.

Please download IR3-e-file_FORM-759784123157 attached to this e-mail, complete the form with your personal information in less than 48 hours and allow up to 24 hours to update the data into our database.

Your records are securely encrypted through a secure 128 bit socket to our servers and will NOT be shared.

Reference number: 76178256192/2012nzr.

E-mail officially sent by Ross Hughson.

Inland Revenue – IR3_e-file refund form . html


As you can see it is “from” an IRD email address,, to make it look more legitimate. It also give a real sounding name and a refernce number.

What could go wrong?

Well the HTML file that is attached will be the bit that bites. It will either redirect you to a phishing website or gather your data then and there and report it back.

Don’t open these kinds of things, if in doubt, give them a ring.



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