Avalon Biddle – Awesome Bike Racer

We are proud to sponsor Avalon Biddle. She is an amazing person, racing a Honda rs125 amongst the men in the 125gp class here in New Zealand and Australia.

We provide her website services and it is a real priviledge to help her in this way.

Here is a great view of her doing a flying lap at Hampton Downs (around 240 kph down the straight and it still didn’t sound flat out!)

Well done Av! Check out her website here

Phishing Scam for Email Users

Another phishing scam is circulating, following the lines of similar ones over the last few years.

ie. Scare users into divulging logins and passwords by saying their access to something is finishing.

Fortunately, the link in the one a client of mine has sent me has been deleted, so the damage has been minimised. But these tactics appear all too frequently.

Here is the content of the email:

Date: 27 January 2011 10:30:54 AM NZDT
To: recipient address
Subject: Access to your e-mail is coming to an end

Good customer,

Access to e-mail is coming to an end,
We recommend that you upgrade your account, to avoid suspension.

Click on the Upgrade Now below to update your account.
Upgrade Now

Thank you.

Whenever you get an email that you are suspicious of, paste some of it into Google and see if it has been mentioned anywhere.

And remember, don’t click on any links you are not sure of.

Your WordPress Theme might be Killing your SEO

After repeatedly fixing up themes for SEO reasons, it gets a bit depressing that theme makers are not switched on about the basics.

A common occurance is when the title of the site and the description of the site is formatted with H1 and H2 tags, these tags are important for search engine optimisation purposes.

Repeating the same text in the H1 tag on every page does not allow you to focus each page on it’s specific function.

Here is an example of a header.php file that will generally have the top part of your site (header image, menu etc)

<div id=”header”>
<div id=”blog-logo”>
<h1 id=”blog-title”> <a href=”<?php bloginfo(‘url’); ?>”> <? bloginfo(‘name’); ?></a></h1>
<h2 id=”blog-description”> <? bloginfo(‘description’); ?> </h2>

As you can see the Blog Title is using the H1 tag and the Blog Decription using the H2.

When you get to the content (especially Pages), you find that the title of the post or page content is formatted using a less powerful Header tag.

The title of your content is an important piece of real estate that you cannot let slip by.

A second issue is that the Title that you enter into WordPress when you are creating your content. It is often used as the menu item for that page. Because of this people create poor titles as they create them as a menu label rather than a keyword rich title.

To get around these problems, I do the following:

Remove any Header Tag Formatting

Remove H1 and H2 tags from the header of the site (see above) and reformat with other styles if the blog title and blog description are necessary.

Remove the Post Title

Remove the post title from the content code (either page.php or single.php)


<?php if (have_posts()) : ?>

<?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?> <div id=”post-<?php the_ID(); ?>”  <?php if(function_exists(‘post_class’)) : post_class(); else : echo ‘class=”post”‘; endif; ?>>

<h3><?php the_title(); ?> </h3> <- remove this line

<?php the_content(); ?> <- this is the content of your post or page

Lastly, write Good SEO titles as H1 tags in the actual body of the post or page.


It is important to check your theme to see if it has been managed in such a way that you can get the best out of your SEO. Some themes say they are SEO friendly but it is worth checking and making some simple changes if needed.

New Clients for the Start of 2011

December was a busy month, with plenty of works to be done before everyone went on Holiday.

Here are some of the new clients who came on board or have had new work done on their sites

For those new clients, welcome. To those existing clients, thank you for your continued business.

Getting to the Sharp end of the Wedge

Over the last few weeks there has been plenty of stories backwards and forwards about the quality of Google’s results, specifically that the quality is going down.

Google counter in an official blog post to counter that specifially by saying that search quality is better than ever (though conceding a short term increase recently)

Penned by Matt Cutts, it tries to convince people that Google are always trying to improve their results, that they take web spam seriously and they are implementing new changes to combat the new threats.

Google are in a different space these days than when they were fighting spam a decade ago.

Now they are the overwhelming search leaders and are beginning the attract the kind of attention that Microsoft has had to deal with due to their size.

Any small incident or problem will be leapt upon and made larger than life.

Reports generated by people with close links to opposition search engines will appear forcing Google and it’s fans to dispute the findings.

With webspam, the easy fight has been fought and mostly won. Computer generated content is easily found and algorithms created to weed them out. Each iteration from the spammers is met by an algorithm change at the Search Engines and the fight goes on.

But now we are talking about “low quality” content, often written by people (rather than scraped off other sites) for small amounts of money, on topics far and wide to capture and convert as much traffic as possible.

But here in lies the problem:

Most online business owners are in the game of creating content and hoping it drives traffic and revenue. Same as this new form of Web Spam.

What Google are complaining about is that this content does not add to the search experience of the end user. In their eyes, the end user clicks on a link that takes them somewhere that will not solve their question or provide the appropriate information.

So, does that mean that Google are now the arbiters of what is “low” or “high” quality content? These are much murkier waters than before and we trust that Google do this job properly, not to the detriment of everyday content writers that have something valid to say but may not be the most polished of journalists.

Plenty more ammunition for the anti-Google to fire up with.

Do you think this is a fight too far? Can you algorithmically determine high from low quality?

Spam Content that Makes you Laugh

I have a morbid fascination with the content of spam.

They ways that these people try and avoid the antispam brigade can be quite hilarious.

What I really can’t understand is when something is this bad, that people still respond.

Because, in the end, the proliferation of spam is collectively our own fault. If it didnt work, they would stop.

Here is the latest humerous additon to my spam collection.

Submit your own, and lets laugh at the spammers 🙂

Privet, my friend!

Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction. It is spring and love in my soul and the scent of beautiful lilacs fills the air in my imagination. And I cannot get you out of my mind, because I am dreaming to find your precious love. Can you guess what I would like to do for you?
I want to protect you from all of the injustices
in the world and carry you off into a blazing sunset.
I want to do all I can to make you happy and make you fill loved every day of your life. My honey, I am here for you, so do not make me wait for too long, because I am hunger for you love.

Hugs and kisses