Jane Campion on the Kevin Pollak Chat Show

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Webpronews did a piece on Kevin Pollak using the internet as a medium to overcome censorship and time restrictions of mainstream media formats.

Unlike Parkinson or other chatshows with 10-20 minute interviews, his internet only format has some interviews of over 2 hours.

The additional scope this gives can provide for some compelling interviews

He has done nearly 30 shows now, including one of Jane Campion, the New Zealand director of recently released Bright Star and earlier works like The Piano and An Angel at my Table.

I really like the fact that these interviews are unconstrained and allows the interviewee to provide in depth answers to the questions posed.

Also, the use of viewer questions from Twitter and the online chat room get real viewer participation in the show.

It was great to hear Kevin tell other celebrities to embrace new media and what benefits it offers.

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