NZ, Sri Lanka, India Cricket Trophy is a Digital Photoframe

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compaq-cup.jpgWell this can be taken two ways:

  1. It is a bold move into the digital age, or
  2. It is trampling all over tradition

I am leaning towards a bold move, but man, it is ugly.

As part of the Compaq Cup contested between New Zealand’s Black Caps and India and Sri Lanka, Hewlett Packard have had a great idea:

Rather than inscribing a name on a silver trophy, let give the gift that keeps on giving ie. a digital LCD screen that displays highlights, fan messages and statistics from the winning team.

While this seems like a great innovation, I have a word of warning.

Imagine the trophy cabinet after a few years of these being given out for a successful team (Say India, not NZ unfortunately)

It would look like a Noel Leemings TV display area.

Imagine the amount of energy it would need to power all of those screens. Not like a simple tin cup!

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