Parallels between Iran Elections and G20 Protests

History has always been written by the victors. In the distant past this was often because no survivors of the losing side were left alive to tell.

These days the advent of broadcast technology has allowed for both sides to get their stories to the masses.

When the fallout of the Iranian elections was happening, the Iranian government tried to stop the spread of news by attempting to block access to these broadcast media, text, mobile phones and the internet.

Twitter emerged as a key conduit for locals to be able to get 140 character snippets of information out, uncensored and definitely not what the government wanted people to hear.

Reading tweets today (24th Sept 09) saw a proliferation of people talking about the police actions against protesters in Pittsburgh.

Accompanied by a lot of the tweets were links to video and news stories covering the event. Youtube carried plenty of videos made by people at the locations where demonstrations were being held.

This widespread saturation of user generated content means that government officials, the police and others involved in these confrontations are more exposed than ever to what happens and the ensuing debate and discussion will have real evidence (especially video) to back up claims from either side.

Propaganda is much more difficult in these days of Twitter, Youtube and Civilian Reporters.

Real Feel Good Moment in Sport

Well this is a great story doing the rounds on the internet (the power of the viral story!)

Dad catches his first foul ball in Baseball, gives it to his three year old daughter and she throws it back to where it came from.

Not quite what Dad had in mind!

But his initial reaction and then hugging his daughter was caught on TV and has now spread via a combination of network news reports and the internet.

Here is the story in more detail

Great to see some good news stories coming out of sport in a week of Serena’s outburst, Formula One’s crashgate and the All Blacks losing yet again!

Here is one of the TV networks covering the story.

Philadelphia 6ABC Action News Story – Phillies vs Nats Fathers 3 year old tosses foul ball back

Muse – The Resistance out on the 14th September

For something a little different, my current fave Muse have a new album coming out on the 14th of September, what is interesting from a internet / technology point of view is the changing face of promotion of music.

With all of the wailing from the record companies about piracy and copyright infringement, the ways they are promoting upcoming releases is interesting.

As a Muse fan, I have been waiting for the new album. I have scoured Youtube for any footage and there has been some on there, especially the song Uprising. However, as each one is uploaded it is quickly reported for copyright violation and taken down.

So the record companies are actively trying to minimise any exposure of their products before they are ready.

The fact there are so many desperates (Like me!) looking for this, means there is a big market for this kind of pre release information.

So, we are only a few days out, and I read an article on Stuff today that has a Flash player with a preview sample of the songs from the album.

I have embedded the player here, not sure how long the link will work, possibly till the release date.

What it does show is a willingness to embrace the internet as a marketing medium and using it’s power of connectedness to improve the spread of the message.

What do you think of the recording industry (and the movie industry) using the Web and Social Media to market their upcoming products?


NZ, Sri Lanka, India Cricket Trophy is a Digital Photoframe

compaq-cup.jpgWell this can be taken two ways:

  1. It is a bold move into the digital age, or
  2. It is trampling all over tradition

I am leaning towards a bold move, but man, it is ugly.

As part of the Compaq Cup contested between New Zealand’s Black Caps and India and Sri Lanka, Hewlett Packard have had a great idea:

Rather than inscribing a name on a silver trophy, let give the gift that keeps on giving ie. a digital LCD screen that displays highlights, fan messages and statistics from the winning team.

While this seems like a great innovation, I have a word of warning.

Imagine the trophy cabinet after a few years of these being given out for a successful team (Say India, not NZ unfortunately)

It would look like a Noel Leemings TV display area.

Imagine the amount of energy it would need to power all of those screens. Not like a simple tin cup!


Philips Sensual Massager – ie Sex Toy

philips-sex-toy-massager.jpgWell there must be money in this sex lark, as Philips try to get in on the act with their up market massager, with models for him and her. You can see the site here

While Hitachi has been well know in certain circles for their heavy duty massager, not too many other large brand names have taken the plunge into this market.

By why not, estimated at USD97 Billion worldwide, it is a place where people are spending their money, and for some retailers, it is a market that is definitely recession proof.

At between $150 and $300, they are not cheap, but Philips seem to think there is a future in this industry for them

“We found that 40 per cent of couples were uncomfortable with the poorly made and often crude sex toys currently available. We will keep expanding both geographically and in products.”

So who is next? Sony, LG, Panasonic?

Adobe Contribute at risk from Business Catalyst Purchase?

We provide Adobe Contribute to quite a number of our clients. (From the Macromedia days too)

With the semi announcement (only semi, since Adobe haven’t released anything yet) it posed a question about where is Business Catalyst going to fit within the product offerings of Adobe.

Looking at what there currently is, the only thing I see is the relationship between Dreamweaver and Contribute. That developer / publisher relationship is what CMS is all about infrastructure-wise, the snippets of information released by Business Catalyst, show that GoodBarry, blogged about here, will cease to exists as a retail offering and the more “serious” Business Catalyst will be the sole offering.

This is not going to be an issue for a while, current users of Contribute won’t be disadvantaged for a few years at least if there is a discontinuation of Contribute.

I am wondering if Adobe is seeing “Software as a Service” being a new stream of revenue.

I liked their subscription service for their products, and with GoodBarry they were charging $47 (AUD I suppose) per month.

Possibly a way of generating additional revenue from a product like Contribute is to move to a web based system.

Whatever happens, it will be interesting to see how Adobe will get behind the product.

Spring has Sprung – Welcome

Well September is here, Spring in NZ – Good times ahead.

So here are some of the people we have been working with in August

Crackerjack Fishing – Charter Boat in the Bay of Islands
DiveOps – Dive the Canterbury wreck as well as the Rainbow Warrior
Team Dilusi – Rally Team based up here in Kerikeri
Kerikeri High School – Local High School in Kerikeri
Flutes Bed and Breakfast – Accommodation in Whangarei Heads, have stayed here, brilliant!

Plus many more, it is good to be working with local business.