Movie Studios Digging their Claws in

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The Movie Studios are hardening their stance on the new revision of the copyright law under discussion.

They are not happy with the most recent revision that includes a judicial review.

Tellingly, one of their complaints is the possibility of the process being bogged down in red tape, therefore making it difficult for them to deal with copyright infringers.

On the other side, the Creative Freedom Foundation are determined that there is “due process” and that the studios will not be able to run the process to the detriment of consumers.

This disagreement is only about the last part of the process, where a repeat infringer who has not been swayed from infringing by warnings, is refered to a copyright Tribunal with the possibility of internet account termination.

I still believe that the warnings are going to deal with most of the problems, as there will be plenty of people who will continue until they are threatened with a warning.

I also think that “due process” is necessary to protect consumers from heavy handed tactics by copyright holders.

It will be interesting to see how this progresses.

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