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If you are sick of Internet Explorer, Opera is a great browser.

You can download a beta version of Opera 10 here

I use Firefox and when I am building websites I need to make sure that they work well in IE and Firefox predominantly (due to their market share)

But before Firefox came along, I was a big Opera fan and user.

The main thing about Opera is that it is fast and seems to be pretty light on the system resources.

I wont bother doing timed tests for sites and download file speeds, but I downloaded the new Beta version of Opera 10 and it looks good, worked well on the sites I tried and it was fast.

While I cant recommend it yet for production use, for anyone who is willing to try out stuff in Beta will like this. It will also sit alongside your other browser, so you dont have to get rid of it. Yet 🙂

What is your favourite browser and why?

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