Symantec auto-charge changed

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A while a go I posted about Symantec and it’s subscription system (Have Symantec lost faith in their own products?)

Well it has now been reported that due to overwhelming feedback on a Stuff poll (over 97% were against) Symantec has backed down.

Good news I say, as while Symantec have said that it was to protect consumers from forgetting their renewals, it more smacks of how can we increase our sales and margins.

You can’t believe that a policy and change in process like this did not go ahead without the company know exactly how much they might benefit financially.

I am certain that they wouldn’t have lost money (Apart from when everyone started to cancel and move to another product)

Sometimes, revenue and profit make people blind to just plain old common sense.

So now they have allowed an “opt out” on the renewal screen and also allowed them to “easily” get out of the system from peoples Symantec account screen.

However, why not “opt in”? Because you make more money that way!

In this case the ethical way is not the profitable way

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