Well done everyone! Controversial bill averted for now

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I have just been reading Aardvark, a great local IT commentary site and the thoughts of it’s author Bruce Simpson about the Section 92a protest to stop the introduction of “guilt by accusation” legislation.

Bruce was quite condemning of the action so far by the NZ blogging community (plus a notable mention to Stephen Fry on Twitter) to run a Black Out campaign to highlight the problems with the legislation drafted as it currently is.

Fortunately, the black out campaign and the “whining” has made a difference.

Bruce said today on his site

The whining is deafening — yet virtually nobody is listening. In fact, I’d wager that people are just turning off because of all the constant harping that’s coming from the blogging community.

Fortunately, the Government didn’t turn off and has just announced:

Prime Minister John Key announced at a post-cabinet press conference this afternoon that implementation of the controversial clause of the copyright legislation to be delayed until March 27

To enable a voluntary code of practice to be agreed.

Well done to the blogging community for making themselves heard and making a difference. The battle isn’t won and I’ll be waiting in anticipation of a better solution to the current problem.

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