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That is the question…

This Bebo thing is a funny one. Can it be used as a business tool? Some say yes, it’s original use (and still its primary one) is for social connectivity, but with social connectivity come networking full stop.

From a more business oriented is LinkedIn. This is specifically for business links with recommendations playing a big part.

I’ll be experimenting here to see if Bebo can be used to promote, encourage, discuss, network.

So lets see….

Click here for my Bebo profile, make me a friend if you have a Bebo profile as well.

If you are into LinkedIn, have a look at my profile there, see the difference and similarities.

Lastly, everyone is on Facebook…No? I added a profile, even have a client added as a way to pass work info back and forth. You can see that one here.

I would be interested in other people thoughts on using them for business, can you utilise the networks for business?


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