New Sites for November

We are at the end of November and getting to the end of the year.

Here is a list of some of the site we have worked on this month

  • McCondach Movers – Kerikeri based Removal and Storage Company
  • BestBnB – A pick of the best Bed and Breakfast and Activities across New Zealand
  • Student Storage – Self Storage for Students
  • Doorcraft – Redesign of a site for handcrafted doors.

Have a look and support local businesses

Personalised Search Results with Googles new Promote and Remove buttons

What are those new Promote and Remove buttons?

Well, Google is experimenting with new Promote and Remove buttons in their results. This is definitely is an experiment but interesting it has made its way onto the public results, given they say it may or may not stay around.

You can move, and remove the results. This will mean much more personalised results.

So now, the effort in getting a top ranking for any keyword may just be wasted. Possibly a great way to user-filter the results since it is specific to each user.

Check out Google’s announcement that explains the SearchWiki

What do you think?

To Bebo or Not to Bebo

That is the question…

This Bebo thing is a funny one. Can it be used as a business tool? Some say yes, it’s original use (and still its primary one) is for social connectivity, but with social connectivity come networking full stop.

From a more business oriented is LinkedIn. This is specifically for business links with recommendations playing a big part.

I’ll be experimenting here to see if Bebo can be used to promote, encourage, discuss, network.

So lets see….

Click here for my Bebo profile, make me a friend if you have a Bebo profile as well.

If you are into LinkedIn, have a look at my profile there, see the difference and similarities.

Lastly, everyone is on Facebook…No? I added a profile, even have a client added as a way to pass work info back and forth. You can see that one here.

I would be interested in other people thoughts on using them for business, can you utilise the networks for business?


Are Paper Directories Dying?

There are hints out there that paper based forms of information are starting to feel the pinch.

No, this wont mean paperback novels become a thing of the past (I love to read), but the more informational based things like newspapers, trade magazines, Yellow Pages, directories and the like.

I talk to a number of clients about where they will be spending their advertising dollar. More and more are saying that they will put that money into online advertising.

This may mean they are paying the same advertisers, but that this advertising is online rather than off-line.

Price changes from the new owners of the NZ Yellow Pages show their understanding and desire to tap into the increasing online market.

The bundling of pricing of paper and online directories of Tourism based products show companies hanging on for grim death to their old Flagships, while partly embracing the new media.

Website sare a great form of advertising, cost effective and available to prospective buyers 24/7. As more and more people use the internet to find information and purchasing of products and services, so the more products and services become available for purchase.

Our experince is that more and more people are looking at online sales as a way of either enhancing their existing offering, or promoting their product entirely online.

Fraud issues have subsided and the upsurge in online transactions such as Ailine and Hotel bookings, Vianet and Trademe are all solidifying the internet as a safe place to shop and do business.

Last years Christmas online sales were up, expect the same again this year.

As broadband rolls out and more and more people have access to “always on” internet, their habits will change:

  • White and Yellow Pages will be more used online
  • Browsing for items will move to purchasing
  • More online services will be available (this is starting with Car Relicensing)

What do you do now online that you used to do offline

Are you spending more time online actually “doing” something rather than pure entertainment?

What are your thoughts?