Kiwi Gamers win big in Asia

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An article in Stuff today saw another good report of NZers doing well internationally in IT, this time in the lesiure department, player style.

New Zealand’s computer gaming team has been named the best in Asia.

The team took a gold and silver medal at the World Cyber
Games Asian Championship in Singapore earning them trophy for the
overall winner.

Mason Maddox won gold and $US1000 ($NZ1450) on the Xbox 360 game,
Guitar Hero III, beating competitors from countries including Korea and

Lorance Taylor, Jeremy Macdonald, Slava Sheynin, Nick Catley and
David Ashwell took silver in the Defence of the Ancients – All Stars
tournament, winning $US2000.

The top 140 gamers from 14 countries in Asia Pacific competed.

The New Zealand team will compete at the World Cyber Games final in
Cologne in November for a chance to win $NZ3.5 million in prize money.

Well done guys, Kick some world butt in the Worlds!

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