Google PageRank Patent May Go Poof

Patent office changes views, could impact Google and others

New criteria for restricting the scope of what the US Patent Office considers patent-worthy poses a threat to numerous software patents, including Google’s famed PageRank.

Google climbed past a morass of ineffective search engines when it arrived on the Internet. Its devotion to the most relevant possible solution for a given query quickly made it the de facto search choice as millions of people shifted their browsing habits from walled garden content to the broader World Wide Web.

The essential and much-discussed PageRank technology holds a patent, a common legal protection sought by software developers small and large. Some have claimed software patents affect far too broad a scope of potential innovation, leading to lawsuits where a patent owner claims damages by multiple companies.

Beware the Chinese Domain Name Scams

Well, I have received a second email from Tony in China, warning I have 2 days to register my Chinese domains before they are taken by some other Company

Upon doing some research here, here and here I have confirmed my initial belief that these are just emails to scare business owners into registering domains they have no need to.

To me the most concerning thing was the talk of “Internet Brand” as above domains and across all jurisdictions.

Seems a load of rubbish to me, due to the fact that jurisdiction on the internet is no simple thing.

So let me introduce Tony…

Firefox 3 Is Go!

Well version 3 of Firefox is now available, We have been using it since Beta stage and it is significantly better than v2 (*which is significantly better than IE7)

After resolving the memory leaks of v2, Firefox 3 is now a must have for all Internet Surfers.

As a web development company, we are aware that IE still has a large lead over Firefox, but with these improvements and IE8 being some time away, Firefox will gain further ground.

If you haven’t got Firefox installed on your PC, you really should, and once you have tried it, I would expect IE will be a thing of the past.

You can download it here