Youtube and Top Gear – Match made in Heaven

I am a late bloomer in regards to Top Gear.

I now love it and if I have some time to kill, go to Youtube and find some of the snippets I haven’t seen.

This has been a bit hit and miss as the search for Top Gear gives plenty of videos to view, some are new, some are old, some are rubbish.

One thing that Youtube have done is allowed for split videos to be connected via click able links for Part 1 : Part 2 : Part 3 etc.

The good thing about this for us fans of TV series or other longer video content, is it makes the job easier to find information and see it in the order it needs to be looked at.

My first full Top Gear episode was of their drive to the North Pole. You can see it here

Here is my Youtube wish list

  1. Mark any videos I have seen with “Watched”, so I can skip them
  2. Allow better categorisation in Channels, BBC have over 2000 videos…

Not long I know, but hey…

Grand Theft Auto – New Zealand version

When a 17 year old designs a version of GTA for NZ, he gets a bit of stick for putting New Zealand Police insignia on the police officers in the game. From a position of skill and expertise, this guy needs some congratulations.

He has taken it on himself to provide a more local feel for the game he plays. Being able to produce new textures for the game is no simple feat, and to have the desire to do it and make the effort to go through with it deserves a pat of the back.

I can see where the Police are coming from too, especially with some of the more violent aspects of the game.

However, it is a rare glimpse of a teenager putting learned skills to use. He even says he wants to become a police computer forensics expert. Maybe he should out these exploits on his CV:

Recent Work Experience
2008 – NZ Police textures for Grand Theft Auto.

Go on NZ Police, give the man an apprenticeship!

Google is Super-Dominant in New Zealand

Search Engine Market Share in NZ

Well I thought Google was dominant, but the latest Hitwise figures show how dominant Google is in New Zealand.

I have quoted figures of around 60% market share for Google based on figure seen historically and overseas things are more like 45%, but the most recent Hitwise statistics show that Google is up at 89.5%

Thats nearly 90%, 9 out of every 10 searches, that’s huge. I wondered when Yahoo took over from MSN as Xtra’s search provider that they would gobble up search share, but that doesnt seem to be the case.

While Google’s seaqrches are split between and .com (70% and 19% respectively), add the up together add you get one hell of a dominance.

What does this mean to the average business owner with a website?

Here are a few thoughts

  • Make sure your web designer is clued in on what Google wants.
  • Dont waste time and money on the other 10% unless you know it will result in worthwhile sales.
  • Make sure you keep checking your rankings in Google regularly. If you are changing content regularly, you need to make sure you know if thiongs go wrong and right.

If you primary market in in the US or Europe, then this is not necessarily correct, but in NZ for NZ markets it is important to make the use of Googles dominance.

Let us know if you need more info on this, leave a comment if you have a Search engine story