Telecoms Split – Chrous Unveiled

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Well the first part of Telecom’s split has happened with Telecom announcing the name of the new Network entity, Chorus
I am not too sure about the name, but the logo is pretty well done.

Once all of these splits are completed, we can possibly see a clearer picture on the future of the web in NZ.

Also, a Canadian Internet provider (Craig Wireless) has secure wireless spectrum this week which will put them into the market as a possible alternative supplier of Broadband in NZ.

In Northland, where the population density is relatively low, a regional initiative is being discussed by a regional ICT forum. The first meeting was a chance to meet the other attendees and get a feel for the needs of the group.

There should be a another forum early 2008 to formulate some actions that can be worked on to achieve something for the region.

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