Jade : Another New Zealand tech success

Jade Software Corporation Limited, the Christchurch based software developer has been special for quite some time.

It has now announced a successful implementation of a server based architecture to replace a mainframe one. This is significant if large capital costs related to mainframe architecture can be reduced by using more easily available and obviously cheaper server systems (in this case running Windows).

2008 the Year for Broadband?

And I mean real Broadband too.

There are many stories in the NZ news relating to uptake in broadband, a year on from the Telecoms Amendment Act and other Broadband related stories.

My concern is that Telecoms stated ambition for a minimum 10mb/s connection will not move us forward enough. I am not sure if the realise that the world is moving forward too.

Telecoms Split – Chrous Unveiled

Well the first part of Telecom’s split has happened with Telecom announcing the name of the new Network entity, Chorus
I am not too sure about the name, but the logo is pretty well done.

Once all of these splits are completed, we can possibly see a clearer picture on the future of the web in NZ.

Also, a Canadian Internet provider (Craig Wireless) has secure wireless spectrum this week which will put them into the market as a possible alternative supplier of Broadband in NZ.

In Northland, where the population density is relatively low, a regional initiative is being discussed by a regional ICT forum. The first meeting was a chance to meet the other attendees and get a feel for the needs of the group.

There should be a another forum early 2008 to formulate some actions that can be worked on to achieve something for the region.

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Sir Edmund Hillary – A NZ Hero

A Change of topic, to make mention of the passing of Sir Edmund Hillary, probably the most famous New Zealander in history, especially internationally.

The amount of coverage on CNN, BBC and other new agencies showed how well he and his most famous achievement were know.

88 is a good age to reach, and ironic that a man so famous for his daring and adventurous to reach 88 and die of age related cause.

Farewell Sir Ed, You will be well remembered

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