Jackass: The Game – From the Talent Pool in New Zealand

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Jackass: the Game went on sale in the United States on
Tuesday, carrying with it the hopes of New Zealand’s fledgling computer
games industry.

The fortunes of Wellington’s Sidhe Interactive, which created
the game, would be greatly boosted if Jackass became one of only 200
computer games to sell more than a million copies. That was the
benchmark for success set by the game’s US publishers Red Mile
Entertainment and MTV Games.

With Peter Jackson, Weta Workshop, Andrew Adamson and other digital wizards from NZ, Sidhe have now joined a  select company.

You can now think of a Jackson/Weta/Sidhe collaboration covering all apsects of design, contsruction and merchandising.

Well done those boys! Hope it sells well and if the 1 Million can be sold, then their cut of the $30 Million USD will be a nice payday.

Watch the game trailer on YouTube.

Watch a clip from the game.



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