Google Custom Search

After umming and arring over using Google Search (I have used the Adsense version) for a site, I researched for it and came up with a new version Google Coop Custom Search Engine.

What is this?

Well it seems to be the usual search, but allows you to collaborate with others to provide a nice resource for others to use. You can add lists of sites to search on specific topics, or as I am, a single site search.

What has put me off before is the branding of Google has been very obtrusive and didn’t work in with either plain white or black backgrounds.

Here is the great thing…

This now has the branding inside the search field…this means you are only publishing the search box and the search button. So now you can add it to any form and it will work.

Results are the similar to the Adsense for Search and work as two included Javascript snippets.

Google are now releasing a AJAX modal search result via their API, however, it is still in development and won’t allow you to collect revenue from the search results.

Overall it looks good, we’ll see what the client thinks



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The Internet Driving Behaviour

“Dont Tase me Bro!” is the new catch phrase following Andrew Meyer’s confrontation with John Kerry.

However, people are already pointing out he has a reputation for pranks and was said to have asked someone whether they were taping the event before things got out of hand.

Isnt the Internet a wonderful way to get attention!

Testing Scribefire for Firefox

Lets see if this is a goer, if so it will be an excellent way to keep this blog up to date!

Here goes…….

Well it works, what a cool piece of software. Being able to bring up and post from any web page is a great tool.

Check the link at the bottom of the post, if you are using Firefox (and if you aren’t, a big smack on your hand!)


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