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Domain names are unique on the internet, you can’t have two the same, no matter how you try.

That’s why they are important, for search engines, it is a key component of the algorithm, see how many searches you do that have a keyword match in the domain name.

But that leads me to my client’s dilemma, should they chose a domain name that is their name ie or go with a keyword based name ie

Now with the bonus you can get using keyworded names, it would make sense to follow that road, but registering your businessname is just good sense, even if for insurance purposes.

Nike, Adidas and other high branded companies don’t need keyword rich domains as their other marketing means that they overcome that hurdle, but if you are one of thousands trying to make it online, every advantage needs to be taken.

I have just been working with a group of artists and they have a unique proposition, that often the artist is the product not necessarily what they produce, they are the branding they are “it” So they may lean toward their name as a domain to follow that thinking.

What do you use?



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