I love it when a success story comes along

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Here’s the scenario…

Build a site from scratch because you love the topic it is about, then a few years later (and probably a lot of sweat you didn’t anticipate losing) someone buys it for a cool $1 million.

I love the internet

World of Warcraft, like many other online gaming worlds is big business, and so when a  fan site is reportedly sold for $1 million, you have to smile.

Good on them I say.

Locally when Trademe.co.nz was sold to media company Fairfax for $700 million, the owner Sam Morgan, who started it because he couldnt find a good heater during the winter, was the rags to riches story every one loves.

We even got a flurry of auction site requests to be built to cash in on the craze.

My adsense wont make me the millions, but then again, who knows….



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