Spam Killer in New Zealand

NZ ISP\’s are looking at introducing a code of conduct to reduce the levels of spam.

Whether this will reduce the levels of spam, is anyones guess, but in tandem with new legislation to prosecute spammers and to set clear guidelines as to what is OK and what is not, means that there may be some important changes in the spam landscape in the near future.

If it is significantly better than is currently being experienced by internet users, it may take hold elsewhere.

Mail hosted outside of NZ will probably not be subject to the same scrutiny, but as some ISP\’s do at them moment and block port 25 for outgoing mail, it may require additional hoops to go through to continue the service.

I am not sure whether ISP spam filtering will work long term, whether they have the skills and time to implement and share spam detection techniques. Some ISP\’s are better than others at detecting and removing spam, will they be willing to share this competitive advantage to help internet users as a whole?

I\’m not too sure.

Hopefully, they can see this is the way to get their customers a better net experience.

And if it works here, then share it wider for an even better experience around the world.

Your thoughts?