Welcome Firefox 3 , Goodbye IE7 – Yay

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firefox_preview_1.jpgIn response to the damp squid that was IE7, Mozilla has produced an alpha version for download and testing.

Version 3 of Firefox, codenamed Gran Paradiso, looks to take the lead in usability and functionality that v2 has and stretch it further.

However, the issue of bloatware has raised its head, with a number of people asking Mozilla to get back to the basics of version 1.5 rather than building on the newer version 2 to which there are a number of memory and resource issues.

I use Firefox 2 and hate IE7 with a passion due to it being incredibly slow and the fact that the extensions that are developed for Firefox are either useful or just damn cool.

However, I have memory issues with FF and periodically having to close it down and restart the process with it consuming over 250mb of memory.

Some of the key features in FF3:

  • Places – an enhanced bookmarking system
  • Malware Protection
  • Privacy mode that means no cache content on the client side

There are also changes to increase the awareness of sites that may be Phishy

There is a great thread discussing the new changes and peoples reactions with screenshots of the new features on the Mozilla site

I also want it to be bloat free and the use of well written extensions should allow a lean core, with user addons where they want.

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