Bomb Makers in Provincial New Zealand?

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Ha Ha, what a load of financed rubbish!

To think that while I slave away making a living, people are being paid to “interpret” Google Trends.

And to make it known that New Zealand and New Plymouth specifically is the World Hotspot when it comes to searching for “make bombs” makes me think these people need a bomb under them (Oops will I get in trouble now?)

There are so many holes in this, for example:

  • With NZ being one of the higher per capita internet users they make up a disproportionate amount of the sample
  • The fact that the censorship in certain countries  will not allow for these things to be searched, further skews the results.
  • It is only one search request, in English

To the point where it is pretty much worthless. No wonder the local news media ran it as one of their top stories.

Watch out everyone…


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