My Team – Kaikohe – on TV

I couldn’t resist a link to a clip from TVNZ about football in Northland. My team Kaikohe FC has been joined by members of the Kerikeri club this year and so far are unbeaten in the league.

The story was so good, the sent a TV crew up prior to the Chatham Cup against Milford-Forest Hill (The Chatham Cup is New Zealands verison of the FA Cup.)

You can see Kaikohe FC here

Not too sure about the colour of the strip.



Adsense Challenges, 1k, 10k, 30k

Adsense has seemed to be money for jam for some people. Even to the point where people embark on a “Challenge” to try and produce an ongoing revenue stream.

Some go for $100 a day, some for $30000 a month, some depend on a large number of sites all generating adsense revenue.

How do they do? Are people able to put everything into an adsense campaign and get the results?

So here are my findings and links to the people themselves: