Whats in a domain name?

Domain names are unique on the internet, you can’t have two the same, no matter how you try.

That’s why they are important, for search engines, it is a key component of the algorithm, see how many searches you do that have a keyword match in the domain name.

But that leads me to my client’s dilemma, should they chose a domain name that is their name ie www.comanyname.com or go with a keyword based name ie www.keyword1keyword2.com

I love it when a success story comes along

Here’s the scenario…

Build a site from scratch because you love the topic it is about, then a few years later (and probably a lot of sweat you didn’t anticipate losing) someone buys it for a cool $1 million.

I love the internet

Spam Killer in New Zealand

NZ ISP’s are looking at introducing a code of conduct to reduce the levels of spam.

Whether this will reduce the levels of spam, is anyones guess, but in tandem with new legislation to prosecute spammers and to set clear guidelines as to what is OK and what is not, means that there may be some important changes in the spam landscape in the near future.


$40000 per week by Spamming – Go Black Frog

blue-frog-spam.pngThe Spam King made up to $40000 per week spamming net users. Is it no wonder why the scurge that is spam still lives and is expanding by the day.

With other reports that 4% of US net users respond to spam and now the cash benefits for the spammers shows waht a huge task it is to fight spam.

Do we charge each user for each email they send? 1 cent, 5 cents (It is 45c for a snail mail letter here)


Welcome Firefox 3 , Goodbye IE7 – Yay

firefox_preview_1.jpgIn response to the damp squid that was IE7, Mozilla has produced an alpha version for download and testing.

Version 3 of Firefox, codenamed Gran Paradiso, looks to take the lead in usability and functionality that v2 has and stretch it further.

However, the issue of bloatware has raised its head, with a number of people asking Mozilla to get back to the basics of version 1.5 rather than building on the newer version 2 to which there are a number of memory and resource issues.

The cost of Interactivity on the net

I published an article about making your Website Super Sticky. In it I mention that the key to get visitors coming back to your site is to have something that they can become part of and generate the content for you.

For example forums, galleries are all forms of this. Now this is called Web 2.0 where the visitor shapes the content on a site and the website provides the infrastructure.

There is a problem with this model and something that has needed focus from developers.

Bomb Makers in Provincial New Zealand?

Ha Ha, what a load of financed rubbish!

To think that while I slave away making a living, people are being paid to “interpret” Google Trends.

And to make it known that New Zealand and New Plymouth specifically is the World Hotspot when it comes to searching for “make bombs” makes me think these people need a bomb under them (Oops will I get in trouble now?)


Why dont Google Adsense Earnings add up?

google_sm.gifI was just looking at my Adsense earnings and I found that the sum total of each day does not add up to the reported total.

This has happened in the last two months, we are only talking a few cents, but I was wondering if other people have had the same issue and how big the problem gets?