Apple on the Front Foot

Have you seen the new Apple ads for the Mac?

Apple have been very quiet on the PC front, possibly since the release of Vista they see a time where a customer is making a new PC choice due to the demands on the hardware and an opportunity to get in front of the punters to see if they can make some inroads.

I dont think it will make too much of a difference, people are very resistant to change and to move from a Windows machine to Mac is a big step.

Thats possibly why Apple is using very emotive TV ads to put their point across. Viruses, iLife and other things to make Macs more appealing.
Have a look at these

However, 90+% of the market is hard to ignore, so it may take a while…

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Web 2.0 – The movie

This is incredible… made by an anothropology professor, this is a short video study of the changing of communication/internet/writing from its early days to the new breed of collaborative interneta applications and websites.

Web 2.0 the movie

Quite stunning, in a web kind of way

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WDANZ (Web Developers Association of NZ)

I presented at the latest conference from WDANZ. Deepweb is a corporate member and Dennis Smith, the CEO asked if I would present at the conference.

I presented a session aimed at (prospective) Website Owners and the content surround some simple concepts and ideas that need to be right when you either enter into a project around a website or for those who already have one some ideas to check against in how their current project is working.

It was great fun and was well received. We will be looking to run another later in the year.

As well as my 21 Tips presentation, we had two greats sessions on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). One was an introduction, whereas the second was a full blown SEO advanced course that has some great information, primarily for web designers.

I’ll talk about it more in a later post.

Anyway, a great day and some very good learnings.

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Yahoo! making inroads into New Zealand

Yahoo7For many years Yahoo! has been largely forgotten on the NZ internet landscape. Due to the dominance of Google in the search space and MSN’s cooperation with New Zealands largest telco, Yahoo! hasn’t had a look in.

However, the recent announcement, that Yahoo!7 (itself a joint venture between Yahoo! and the 7 Network in Australia) is to join forces in a content and services agreement with Telecom and its ISP Xtra, means that Yahoo! has emerged as a serious player in NZ overnight (Well on 1 March when the agreement starts)

Xtra in its current guiseFor all of those non internet savvy consumers that leave most of their technology on the defaults that things come with, the high proportion that are Xtra customers will soon be using Yahoo! whether they like it or not (or more like whether they know it or not)

For some this is the key to a change of this kind. Most of the people who use the MSN search box at the top of the Xtra web page will blindly use the new Yahoo!7 search box and not really know the difference. It may look redder than before, but for these consumers it’s too hard to change so why bother.

Yahoo!7 will take advantage of this behaviour to generate instant traffic, traffic that MSN will lose just as instantly.

For the rest of us who have chosen our search engine, most of who choose Google, things wont change much.

But for Web developers like us here at Deepweb, will need to take a closer look at Yahoo and its newly discovered penetration into the New Zealand market.

Will you change? Do you conciously choose your search engine?

We shall wait and see

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