To Vista or Not to Vista, bit of a no brainer really…

As we approach midnight and the doors to Vista open in approx 47 minutes, I harken back to the super hype over previous versions of Windows.

Maybe I dont care as much (Come to think of it…I really dont care much) but this release is incredibly muted. Listening to the reports on the national news tonight, it is really the only time I have heard anyhting about it. Nothing in the IT news on the net, even my local IT store had a rep from one of the computer manufacturers do a demo and then talk about the requirements of the PC needed to run this beast.

I used to have a Commodore 64, one of my friends even had a ZX81 from Sinclair and another had a 48k Spectrum. Now during my misspent youth, I spent many hours peeking and poking (real computer terms) and writing or editing programs in machine code.

The things you could fit into 64k was incredible compared to what you now need 1GB or 1000MB or 1000000K, yes thats 1 million compared to 64

These days, computers are very advanced, and I am not directly comapring the two, but it does make you wonder, what are you getting for you 1 Million K?

XP works well for me, I havent seen anything yet that would convince me to upgrade. Like a lot of people, I expect to get Vista when my next PC purchase is made.

Businesses will hang off for years even before committing to the new platform.

So after all the wait, it goes of with a bit of a whimper.

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Advertising or Infrastructure?

What do you spend your money on?

Advertising – get more customers by spending the most money in NZ (over $70 million per year) to generate profits of over $800 million a year or,

Infrastructure – make customers happy by spending money on the guts of the system.

It seems as though Telecom are only interested in profits (Maybe as they can see them running dry soon) as a number of suburban exchanges in Auckland have filled up.

Why wait till you run out of space and have to start turning customers away before increasing capacity? Why even let people know that you have run out? Doesnt look too good.

I know the broadband landscape is uncertain, but to dissappoint customers leading up to the point where people can make real choices on the broadband provider, seems suicidal.

It’s not as though they have run out of money 🙂

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Blogs, What are they good for…

Depends really,

Blogs are a great tool for getting stuff out of people heads.

The information that is now out in the world is infinitely many more times than previously and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Even my column here has its readers, people who read our written thoughts of the internet world around us. People who find some value in others information and ideas.

Not all blogs are suited to all people, writing style and content attract different people, but what is indisputable, is that the blog has become a medium for the writer in all of us.

WordPress, B2 and others all vie for the bloggers pen. Google has jumped on the bandwagon in both providing a blogging platform (Blogger), but also providing their own blog and allowing some of their employees to create a buzz around them from their insiders view of the Googleplex (Matt Cutts is famous for his blog )

We advocate blogs to our clients as an effective way to communicate with their customer base. Some are using it in interesting ways ( as a CMS system, others just as a way of telling stories.

Either way, blogs are here to stay and will evolve into an internet commodity.

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Make your Website Super Sticky – Part 1

This is an article I wrote a few years ago about getting people to come back to your site…well there has been quite a few changes in the internet world since then including Web 2.0.

Time for an update I think. Read this and then the updated version soon.


iPhone the way of the future?

Some people will be trembling in their boots now that Apple have released the iPhone. While none of their competitors will be saying publicly, this is one announcement that is sure to cause some serious ripples.