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IE 7 is Launched

IE7 is here. The major update to the worlds most used browser has been a long time in coming. I downloaded it in Beta to make sure the sites we are desiging will work with the new browser (so far so good).

So whats so good?

Well, tabbed browsing is a good thing, but Firefox and Opera has had that for a while now (and the reason I switched) and the antiphishing is to be appluaded, but there is still not enough to make me shift back.

Also Firefox 2.0 is now for download here, I have installed it and it is stable and works just as good as 1.5.

So I dont think I will be changing my default browser any time soon, there is just not enough of a reason to do it.

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What do you think?

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Google Buys YouTube

googleWell this is probably one of many posts about this latest piece of news.

Youtube was working just fine till the aquisition, I see more in it for Google than Youtube and so is a good buy for Google. They will now have around 60% of the internet video traffic with Youtube and Google Video.

One thing that is noticable is the lack of advertising on Youtube. This will likely change as Adwords advertisers are offered Youtube as an optional extra advertising space.

Video Ads are also likely and with so many viewers it will be a great testing ground for other video ventures.

Hopefully the character of Youtube is not lost, the fact that the announcement was placed on Youtube in the same do it yourself way as the ommunity it supports illustrates that. However, Google has it’s own quirky character and this may save it.

Do you think it will change things significantly?

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