Windows Vista

Windows Vista is nearly here

Windows Vista Well the much anticipated new version of Windows is released on the 30th of January 2007. Amazon is taking advance orders ready to ship when the release date passes.

Will it be worth it? At USD100 for an upgrade and USD395 for a full version it will be another chunck of money to pay out to keep up to date. As software works, there will be a requirement to upgrade over the years as the support for Windows 2000 and XP expire, but it may be better to wait than rush in and get it.

Possibly a early indication as to what to expect is the release of Internet Explorer 7. The last Release Candidate (RC1) was released a short time ago and it looks at first glance to work well.

Tabbed browsing and additonal security features seem to bridge the gap between version 6 and what is currently avaialble from Opera and Firefox.

With Firefox 2.0 to be released, IE7 may return to the cutting edge wilderness.

I’ll bring some screenshots of IE7 soon and my observations as to whether it might be worth staying with or switching back to.

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VOIP is getting more popular

VOIP in NZ is getting more popular, with Skype being used (We use it for client communication) and now other players entering the market, using VOIP is looking more and more like a reality as a mainstream system.

CallPlus is offering ITalk which has many extras that this type of system allows to be done.

Telecom just announced the possiblity of their selling of the Yellowpages arm of the business. A surprising move considering the profitibilty it has.

Maybe this is another sign that they see their days numbered in the current incarnation and are looking to radical restructuring to keep competitive.

Unbundling’s ripples are starting to rock a few boats

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Web 2.0, whats your feel on it?

Web 2.0 is the latest in a line of names for the current lineup of Web Applications. Blogs and other visitor driven sites are popping up all over the place.

Things like Myspace, Flickr and Wikipedia are all changing the way that information is generated and consumed on the net.

For more information of this topic, you can read an excellent article from Tim O’Reilly here

While long at 5 pages, it gives a really good description and most usefully, gives an understanding of the differences between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0.

We have been providing Blogs to our clients, but these new ways of presenting content are exciting.

What Web2.0 apps are you looking at?

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