Broadband in NZ – the landscape is shifting

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Well Telecom has had the sharp stick waved at them and impending regulation is being written to open up the copper network to its competitors.

Great news for customers? On the surface it looks like a good deal, however we need the other players in the market to step up and invest as they have been talking about to make the most of this situation.

We are on a 3.5mb plan which is good, but had to upgrade to a 512kbs upload plan to really get some benefit.

It was more noticable when we increased the upload speed than when we went from 2mb to 3.5mb

There is talk now of speeds of 24mb in the pipeline and established players in the market like Ihug, CallPlus and Woosh are going to be competing with newer entrants like Top Energy and other companys who are experimenting with wireless as well as wired networks.

So as to underline this shift, yesterday, Telecom announced they are planning to separate their wholesale and retail divisions. This will enable Telecom to focus on each separately to get the most out of them. In the post regulation era, this seems a sound move to make each as lean as possible.

If you are in NZ, leave a comment about your broadband experiences. If overseas, let us know what kind of speeds/price you are getting where you are.

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