Useability Part 2

Websites are an interesting beast. They are a great place for information, can make you lots of money in additional sales or enquiries.

On the other side is the science of making them do what you want. Statisitics, Usability Studies and many more forms of research allow web designers and website owners the opportunity to tweak and change their websites to the maximum advantage.

But how many people actually know that there is a lot of information out there to use in the betterment of their online presence.

While doing research for our revamp (we were working with Katherine Kozel from Marketing Online) we discussed some simple usability information like where people look when they scan a web page. (ZDNet have a great article here)

It is interesting to see the patterns people have when looking at webpages and therefore where you need to place your most important information.

Another resource is Jakob Nielsens, Jakob is seen as a guru in this field and is well worth a look.

More resources in the next post.

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Site Revamp

It’s been about a month since we changed the brand of the main site So far the feedback has been great. It is amazing what a change in look can do for business.

I’ll share with you some of the things we have found out about in the next week.

Till then.


Coppermine is cool

I have been installing Coppermine recently for a few clients and it is a good thing to add to your site.

As a way of attracting visitors and also giving them a reason to come back. It is easy to use and manage.

You can see some examples:

Blackbird Quiltery
Okaihau Primary School

Training was easy and the user picked it up well.

If you are wanting a gallery, Coppermine is a good one to use.

Let us know if you want to look at a gallery for your website

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Telecom ups it’s broadband speeds

Well, Telecom increased speeds and reduuced prices on a number of plans from the 1st of April.

Surfing the net seems quicker, but as a web designer, the upload speed is still the same 128kbps and can take ages to FTP or upload a site onto the net.

The powers that be are trying to increase this speed as it is a barrier to better productivity in a job like mine.

Unfortunately, the spin on the increased speeds seems to have lessesned the public outcry on New Zealand’s poor position on Broadband.

I’ll just have to have another cup of coffee while I wait for this post to upload 🙁

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