Good Maps, but you cant find my place…

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Hi there,

Last time I mentioned ZoomIn as a really cool map system launched in NZ. Well our local AA have done something similar using a competitors product called GEOsmart.

AAMaps allows you to search around New Zealand and has some great features where you can overlay locations of ATM’s , banks, places to eat and lots more. However for all of that information, and a much nicer looking site (Zoomin is quite bland) Zoomin kicks butt for one reason only….it can point to my house EXACTLY.

This reason is why it is so cool, and it will be able to add the extra functionality later on.

So my vote still goes to ZoomIn, well done guys.

By the way AAMaps was down for a long period of time due to the unexpected flood of traffic when it was launched.

Come on guys, you should have predicted a rush like this, even if you commissioned extra for the launch with the proviso of reducing capacity when the rush died down, having the site fall over very ungracefully didnt do you any good.

Till Next Time


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