MSN : Trying to be more relevant

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MSN is trying to get relevant.

Search Engines are only as good as the results they provide and Google overtook the other major search engines because of this.

The holy grail of organic searches (Those are the ones that are not biased by paying ads) are the algorithms that the search engines use. Googles algorithm is made up of over 100 different factors to maesure the relevancy of your website.

They are jealously guarded and internet specialists spend plenty of time trying to work it out.

Now MSN has announced a new method of making their results better than the competition.

Will this help in their battle to win extra visitors to their site? Or will Google resist any moves by improving their own offering?

I think Google is a little too far ahead in the race to be pegged back, as they will have enough time to counter any changes.

However, from an internet marketing point of view the better the responses returned by the search engines the better it is for the websites involved.

So there is plenty on the plate for webmasters and owners alike and MSN look like they are gearing up for a fight.

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