Welcome to Word Press

Hi to everybody,

We have moved the blog to WordPress following a battle with Spam. Not the usual kind in your mail box but a silent killer as such. These people plaster links all over your blogs hoping to get an increase in their own Google rankings.

I have moved to WordPress from B2Evolution as WP seems to have a far superior ability to filter out this spam.

We shall soon see…

Till next time


The Ever-Changing World of Google

Google is everywhere, when it comes to searching on the internet the odds are that you will use Google in one way or another.

From a standard organic search (dependant on Googles determination of your site), to paid search (How much you are willing to pay) and also other excellent offerings like Images, News, Newsgroups etc.

Well from a website owners point of view there was a bit of a rumble going on in the last few weeks as Google set about making some changes to the way that they indexed the web.

Some sites have gone up, some have gone down, have you checked how yours have fared?

It has been some while since this has happened on such a large scale and it will take some time for the dust to settle.

If your site has taken a hit because of these changes you may need to revisit your content to make sure that it is still compelling. As always “content is king” and any tricks that may have been performed on your site to get a good ranking may have just come unravelled.

Fortunately, if your site is well ranked because of the information, then you should be safe, well done!

If not then you may want to reconsider getting some assistance.

Till next time…


WiMax – The way to the future? I hope so!

WiMax has been given a huge boost to the wireless’ future, by getting the backing of Nokia and Intel.

This will mean that there is plently on hope that NZ might get some wider ranging wireless access than is provided currently by Whoosh and a small number of others.

With a theoretical range of 50km, it would make the proliferation of wireless broadband access much easier to achieve.

From our location in Northland, it cant come quick enough.



Google Site Maps – The next big thing?

Well there have been a few changes going on at Google over the last few months. With the recent algorithm change (That’s how they rank all of the sites on the web) and an overhaul of some of the pages at Google.

Also, a new tool has appeared to help you get your site indexed.

“Google Sitemaps is an easy way for you to help improve your coverage in the Google index”

With the advent of blogs (like this one), one of the differences in getting noticed is that when you create some new content in a blog, it notifies a number of Glog directories of the fact and they then come and see what is here (sometimes called a “ping”)

Google Sitemaps is similar in that you are telling Google what pages you want indexed and which are more important than others.

One benefit of this is that if you have pages generated from a database or shopping cart, this will make them easier to index.

Also you can tell Google how often they are updated.

One obvious benefit to Google is as the internet swells in size, the computing power needed to index everything there is to index is immense.
This method of the webmaster defining what is important could significantly lessen the amount of information that is waded through at Google Headquarters.

It is only a BETA at this stage and so will be interesting to see how it is adopted, but as with most things Google, if it is going to influence how you are ranked, then it will be a good idea to make the most of it.

I’ll keep you up to date with how our experience with Sitemaps go.

Till next time….


MSN : Trying to be more relevant

MSN is trying to get relevant.

Search Engines are only as good as the results they provide and Google overtook the other major search engines because of this.

The holy grail of organic searches (Those are the ones that are not biased by paying ads) are the algorithms that the search engines use. Googles algorithm is made up of over 100 different factors to maesure the relevancy of your website.

They are jealously guarded and internet specialists spend plenty of time trying to work it out.

Now MSN has announced a new method of making their results better than the competition.

Will this help in their battle to win extra visitors to their site? Or will Google resist any moves by improving their own offering?

I think Google is a little too far ahead in the race to be pegged back, as they will have enough time to counter any changes.

However, from an internet marketing point of view the better the responses returned by the search engines the better it is for the websites involved.

So there is plenty on the plate for webmasters and owners alike and MSN look like they are gearing up for a fight.

Thats all for now…